Sexual Dysfunctions and Sexual Therapies

Sexual Dysfunctions and Sexual Therapies

Some serious problems may arise in sexual life caused by certain situations. Especially in married
couples, untreated sexual problems gradually begin to reflect on daily life, disrupt communication and become a major problem that prevents happiness.

A healthy sexual response is achieved primarily through behaviors such as partners kissing each other. begins and then
bodily reactions go through three periods. In the first period, which is the "arousal" period, wetting reactions develop in women and erection reactions in men. As stimulation continues, the highest point of pleasure is reached. In this period, called "orgasm" period, ejaculation occurs in men and contractions occur in women. In the last period,
"termination" period, there is a satisfied and relaxed state.

Sexual problems can be generally classified as sexual reluctance, difficulty in arousal, difficulties in orgasm, and pain
disorders. As their names suggest, some problems are directly related to a step of the normal sexual
response.However, it can be said that all of these problems basically arise when the above-mentioned natural sexual reactions are suppressed for one reason or another
br /> arises.

There may be many reasons that may prevent or affect normal sexual responses. The most important of these are
false beliefs about sexuality, incomplete information, upbringing, past bad experiences, between partners
Communication or relationship problems, partners' lack of confidence in themselves or disliking themselves
For example, for a person diagnosed with vaginismus, having intercourse may be considered a "very painful" process
. This type of belief can cause a person to develop an intense fear
of entering into a relationship. Another example is that a person whose sexual desire has decreased due to his busy work schedule may feel guilty towards his partner and may have difficulties in erection. Or sexual life until marriage may be perceived as a taboo
and may be covered up and suppressed. This situation results in not having any knowledge or experience regarding sexual issues and may turn into unsolvable problems in marriage.

A solution to sexual problems. A detailed and careful psychological evaluation
should be made as it can be caused by many things. A good sexual therapy should carefully evaluate and determine at which stage of the natural sexual response there is a problem and what kind of intellectual, emotional and behavioral characteristics are the source of this problem.

Couples should always meet with the therapist. They should participate in the meetings from time to time. Difficulties should be listened to from both sides, a compromise should be reached and treatment should be started with consensus. Negative emotions such as insecurity or anger that couples feel towards themselves or their partners should be addressed, and dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors both about sexuality in general and towards themselves or their partners should be addressed. Following these sessions, where the couple
gain awareness and re-learn about sexual life, the therapist gives some homework to be done until the next session, depending on the type of problem. Difficulties encountered during homework must be addressed in the session, and the next step should not be moved on until these problems are overcome.

Basically, the agenda covered and the homework given are for the individual to recognize his/her own sexuality, to be able to disclose his/her desires and expectations to his/her partner, to It aims to return to a normal
sexual life when expectations and wishes can be met by the other partner.

When the normal functioning of sexual life, which is as natural a need for people as eating and sleeping
is disrupted and if expert help is not sought. , this problem can turn into different complaints such as depression and anxiety, and couples can go as far as separation or divorce. For this reason, it is important for individuals
to be able to discuss such problems with a therapist they can trust and feel comfortable with.

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