Regional Slimming with Cold Lipolysis

Unwanted regional fats; It is one of the biggest problems of today's people, male or female. Unfortunately, as the work done while sitting at a desk increases compared to the past, many technologies have begun to be offered to solve this problem. The latest technology in this regard is; It is the "Cold Lipolysis Method".

What is the Cold Lipolysis Method?

Cold lipolysis freezes the fat cells, making them dysfunctional and eliminating them in a controlled and regional way. is the cooling method. In fact, it is a widely known fact that when fat cells are exposed to cold, they enter programmed cell death (apoptosis), also referred to as "cold-induced paniculitis".

It is good for destroying fat stores that are resistant to exercise, other methods and normal diets. It was born from this idea, which is a cosmetic device used by combining two different technologies that are known but have never been used together before.

Cold lipolysis treatment is used in areas of the body such as the belly, side area, lower abdomen after cesarean section, back, hips and legs. It is a treatment that enables the permanent reduction of fat deposits by 20% to 40% in a single session.

This method is a good alternative for people who are afraid of very aggressive traditional treatment methods such as liposuction, which shapes the body by reducing dense and permanent local fat deposits. All fat cells in the applied area react the same to a certain degree of cold and crystallize. Thus, since all fat cells in the applied area will undergo apoptosis, a regular and proportionate thinning of body cellulite is observed. In this way, there is no collapse in certain parts of the body.

In addition, pains, spasms, hematomas, work losses and decreases in quality of life that occur during the recovery period after Liposuction are not seen in this method.

Cold Lipolysis method. How does it provide slimming?

The device uses low-temperature vacuum massage to absorb fat cells with a special hand apparatus. Thus, fat cells are isolated from normal body temperature. The tissue is first heated to 45 degrees and then quickly cooled to -5 degrees. While this process is waited for approximately 1 hour, fat depots undergo apoptosis (programmed It causes them to enter the process of fat cell death) and leads to shrinkage and irreversible loss of fat cell functions.



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