All About Laser Hair Removal

All About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a new method of getting rid of unwanted hair. With laser epilation, it has become more possible to provide a permanent solution, unlike traditional methods.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser epilation is a non-invasive method that is applied to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. one of the transactions. Laser epilation can be applied to small or large areas of the body. Thanks to this process, it is possible to reduce the density of unwanted hair in the relevant area or to get rid of dark hair almost completely, except for thin and light colored hairs. Factors such as the hair structure and density of the person who wants to have epilation, the time allotted for the entire laser epilation process are effective in the selection of the device. Each device has its own different features. Commonly used laser types are as follows:

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite is a widely used device for laser hair removal and provides satisfactory results for many people regarding unwanted hair. The way the Alexandrite device works is to transmit optical energy at a single wavelength to the hair root, creating heat-related damage to the hair follicles. This damage has very little effect on the surrounding tissues. Therefore, a safe reduction in hair follicles is achieved with the laser. However, this laser method is not used on and around the face, as it will strengthen the fine hairs in the facial area. Alexandrite can be used for permanent and long-term hair removal. Even if new hairs appear on the body after epilation with this device, these hairs become thin and light in color. Again, it is not as effective on yellow, red, white colored thin hairs as it is on black and thick hairs.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser device has similar features with Alexandrite. The difference between these two devices is the use of Diode devices. light wavelength is greater than Alexandrite. This contributes to the optical energy of Diode devices to reach the lower parts of the skin tissue. The effectiveness of Diode devices is higher in the face and arm regions, where the hair follicles are located deeper, and in the back region of men. Apart from this feature, there is no significant difference between Alexandrite and Diode devices.

NdYAG Laser Hair Removal

NdYAG laser devices use longer wavelength light energy than both Alexandrite and Diode devices. Melanin absorption is less in the procedures performed with these devices. Thanks to this feature, it is suitable for use on dark or tanned skins with intense melanin pigment. It is also effective on light colored hairs. The laser energy produced by NdYAG devices can penetrate deep into the skin. This may lead to more frequent side effects such as redness and edema after epilation. The low melanin uptake of the NdYAG laser may cause the sessions to take longer and require a longer time to achieve permanent hair removal.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Laser epilation starts with cleaning the area to be treated. The relevant area is wiped with cleaners to prevent complications such as infection. If the area where laser epilation will be performed is sensitive, a numbing gel is applied to this area before the procedure. Then, high-energy rays are given to the hair follicles in the relevant area. During this process, the person may experience sensations such as fly bite, rubber band hitting the skin, sunburn stinging. Since laser epilation burns the hairs already on the skin, a slight burning smell may be heard during the procedure. The duration of the procedure depends on the area where laser epilation is performed. In very large areas, the duration of the sessions may take up to 1 hour, while in small areas this time may take a few minutes.

There is no clear situation for the age limit of laser hair removal. However, experts state that it is more appropriate to start laser at the age of 18-20, when the person's development is completed and hormonal changes are in order.

There are several points to be considered before laser epilation. People who will have laser epilation should pay attention to the following a few days before the procedure. ir:

What Should Be Considered After Laser Epilation?

The care after laser epilation may differ depending on the person or the device used. Therefore, it will be useful to get the opinion of the specialist who performs the post-laser treatment. However, in general, simple solutions to relieve redness, swelling and pain after laser are as follows:

In How Many Sessions Does Laser Hair Removal End?

How many sessions of laser epilation will take depends on the skin color, hair structure and density of the person, and the device where the epilation will be made. It differs according to time and region. Therefore, there is no clear answer to how many sessions laser epilation will take. However, in general, it is known that the person gets rid of 10-25% of unwanted hair after 1 session of laser epilation. Experts state that there should be a break of at least 4-6 weeks between sessions. In the light of this information, it can be calculated that laser epilation will take approximately 1 year. However, it should not be forgotten that this period varies from person to person.

In Which Areas Is Laser Hair Removal Applied?

Laser epilation process can be applied to almost all skin areas of both men and women.

>Face Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal on the face is being performed more and more frequently. In the face area, especially the upper lip area, is the most sensitive area in terms of pain. The cheeks and forehead are the places where the pain is felt less. Since the face is a sensitive area, the device to be used in the procedure should be carefully selected. In addition, post-procedure facial; sun exposure can be very sensitive in terms of the use of products that may be irritating, such as facial cleansing gel. Therefore, people who will have laser epilation on the face should pay attention to post-procedure care.

Laser Hair Removal of the Genital Area
Since the genital area is an area with dense nerve endings, this area hurts more during laser epilation compared to other places. People who have the application say that the pain in laser is similar to waxing. Although this is uncomfortable because the laser process takes longer than waxing, many people prefer laser epilation in terms of long-term results.

Laser Hair Removal Under Arm
The hairs under the arm frequently use waxing or waxing, especially in the summer months. Requires shaving. Many people resort to laser hair removal to get rid of this problem. Although underarm laser epilation is more painful than other areas, a permanent solution is usually provided in this area in a short time.

Laser Hair Removal in Bikini Area
It is painful because it is a sensitive area. However, since it is a small area, rapid results can be obtained with laser in the private area.

Whole Body Laser Epilation
Whole body laser epilation is preferred by many people. In this process In addition to frequently laser-applied areas such as the face, arms, legs, genital area, areas such as the abdomen and back are also treated. The duration of whole body laser hair removal varies from person to person.

Laser Hair Removal Hazards and Side Effects

Today, laser hair removal has become more popular than traditional methods of getting rid of unwanted hair such as waxing or shaving. There is no information yet on the occurrence of serious long-term side effects related to laser epilation. Laser epilation side effects are mostly minor conditions such as redness, swelling and pain. In some people, slight skin color changes can be seen in the area where the laser treatment is applied. Exposure of the post-laser treatment area to the sun may cause sunburn and blistering of the skin. In order to avoid this situation, post-laser care should be done carefully.

Laser hair removal is a very reliable and successful method when it is performed by experts in a well-equipped center and when the person pays attention to post-laser care. In order to get rid of your unwanted hair, it would be a better choice for your health to apply to epilation centers where doctors specialized in dermatology. We wish you healthy days.

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