How Should Babies Be Sleeping?

What could be more soothing than watching your baby sleep like an angel? How can you establish a healthy sleep pattern for both your baby and yourself? In the first months, you may want to put your baby to sleep nearby. This is the most rational way, as it will both need to be fed frequently and be in front of your eyes will reduce your worries.

Where Can Babies Sleep?

Basket: A baby basket that you can carry anywhere can be preferred for the first months.

Baby bed: Or you can choose a baby bed, you can put it next to your bed in the first months and then move it to the baby room. At first, your baby may be tiny inside, but it will quickly fill the bed. You can use this bed until you reach the age of two or three and it can no longer fit.

Your own bed: You can sleep your baby in your own bed. Especially for breastfeeding mothers, this night will make feeding easier, and it will create an opportunity for your spouse to get closer with their baby. But it can be risky to put your baby to bed when you're very tired or on sedatives. You should also make sure that your bedspreads and pillows do not cover your baby.

How to Choose a Bed for Babies?

When choosing a bedding set, your baby's mattress should be of suitable size, hard and easy to clean. Have three or four cotton sheets and three or four cotton blankets. Do not keep accessories such as quilts, pillows, bedspreads that may prevent the baby from breathing while sleeping. put it in the future. Thus, it will not slide under the blanket.

Be careful that the room is not too hot, try to keep the room temperature around 18-20 degrees while you sleep. Tuck the blanket under the mattress at shoulder level so that it does not cover the baby's face.

How Should We Put the Baby to Sleep?

Your baby's acquisition of the right sleeping habits will prevent many of the sleep problems you may encounter in the future. From the first months, babies spend most of the day asleep, you can start teaching them to go to sleep on their own during this period. If he falls asleep while breastfeeding, his shoulder Wake her up slowly by rubbing her back on her head. Lay her in bed when she is sleepy but before falling asleep Cover her and wait for her to go to sleep on her own. Thus, when the night's sleep is interrupted in the future, being in bed in a drowsy state will be enough for him to fall asleep; She won't need to suckle or rock to sleep.

How Long Should Babies Sleep?

Your baby needs enough sleep to rest and grow, but every baby's sleep patterns are different. If your baby is peaceful and growing, there is no need to worry about comparing sleep hours with other babies.

A newborn baby usually spends 17 hours a day asleep. On average, they can sleep 8 hours during the day and 9 hours at night. In a two-month-old baby, this decreases to 15-16 hours, 3-4 hours during the day and 12 hours at night.

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