Most of our lives are spent communicating. We need to communicate with many people, whether we know or not, in our daily lives.

When we have a problem in our relationships, we tend to constantly blame the other party. We express it as 'He doesn't understand me'. In fact, our first step to overcome our problem is to take responsibility for our own communication. If we think 'I couldn't explain' instead of 'He doesn't understand me', we will evaluate how we can explain the problem in a different way. As long as we talk about blaming the other person, we do not experience any change. However, the way to get rid of the problem begins with a change in the perception of the other person.

When explaining our attitude towards the behavior of the other person, all we have to do is present it in a sandwich.

The sandwich method, which is an effective communication technique. ;

By placing a negative message that we want to tell the other person between two positive messages, it ensures that the person receives the message without disturbing the person. Before saying the sentence that makes us uncomfortable, we should mention a positive aspect of the person in front of us so that the person does not become defensive. Then, we move on to the message we really want to give, namely the ingredients of the sandwich. In the material section, we need to state the issue that bothers us and finish our criticism with a positive sentence. In summary, between two positive sandwich breads, the sandwich material that contains the criticism we want is the one. When we bite, all the flavors will mix together, resulting in a delicious taste.

In short, this method is a method that gives great results when used in all kinds of human communication and ensures that relationships are on solid foundations.

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