I see that most of those who say they know acupuncture do not have real and accurate information aboutacupuncture. Our body is a magnificent organism created from approximately 70-100 trillion cells. What makes this perfectly created body magnificent is the pharmacology within it. It is more accurate to call this pharmacology the body's pharmacy. Many people say that acupuncture; Most people do not know that it is possible to treat diseases and pathologies with drugs that the body can use from its own pharmacy, and they are astonished when they see the results.

Let's compare acupuncture points to the keys on our computer's keyboard, and our brain to the hard disk of our computer. Just as when we press the keys of our computer at the right time and correctly, we can display the information and data on the hard disk and perform our operations; With the same methodology, by determining acupuncture points in accordance with the current disease and applying gold or silver needling according to the electrical charge of the point, we secrete many neurochemical substances (that is, the medicines of the pharmacy within us) through our brain.

To give an example; in the acupuncture treatment of a painful clinical picture such as migraine, a strong pain-relieving(analgesic) effect occurs by stimulating and activating the strongest pain-relieving mechanisms of our body, At the same time, the "pain" information recorded by the brain is also deleted.

As a result, permanent recovery occurs.

  • So what is the scientific reality behind this permanent recovery?

As it is known, all cells have a nucleus. There are DNA and RNAs inside the cell nucleus. No biochemical event or reaction can occur in the cell without the approval of DNA and RNA. These are the command-control center of the cell. If positive clinical results begin over time in a patient receiving acupuncture treatment, it means that confirmation is received from the DNA and RNA in the cell nucleus. This is the underlying cause of the permanent recovery achieved in all diseases that acupuncture can treat. scientific reality, It is the approval received from the cre seed.

Acupuncture treats many problems such as migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, depression, panic attack, sleep disorders, allergic diseases, lumbar and cervical disc herniations, dizziness (vertigo). The scientific fact behind the permanent cure of the disease is the confirmation received from the cell nucleus.

Therefore, the answer to the question in the title of our article is: The therapeutic effect of acupuncture is permanent!…

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