Proper Breastfeeding

Breast milk production increases as a result of breastfeeding the baby with the correct technique and at frequent intervals, rather than the mother's nutrition. In the correct breastfeeding technique,

Frequently breastfeeding the baby stimulates milk secretion. is the most important factor.

The ideal is to breastfeed both breasts for 15 minutes. It is recommended to consume plenty of fluids and water. Wiping the nipple with soap or baking soda before each feeding causes nipple cracks. In case of nipple cracks Frequent breastfeeding is recommended after medical check-up. If the baby urinates at least five times a day and wets the diaper, reaches birth weight on the 15th day after birth, and receives at least 500 grams of breast milk per month, this indicates that the baby is receiving sufficient breast milk.



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