Television, Computer, Internet, Phone Addiction

Television, Computer, Internet, Phone Addiction

What is addiction? : Continuous use to prevent the emergence of withdrawal syndrome, which occurs with the repeated use of a factor (substance, alcohol, cigarette, internet, television, computer, game..)

and when it is not used.

It is a psychological and physiological state that is needed.

In order to be able to talk about addiction, the person must experience withdrawal symptoms when he/she stays away from that factor

. When he experiences these withdrawal symptoms, he feels the need to use the agent again.

Another important addiction criterion is that he can exhibit all the behaviors he can to reach the agent

(e.g. lying, taking money without permission, borrowing money). , tantrums, secret behavior...).

Continuity and repetitiveness are the most basic rules in addiction.

The most important factors that play a role in the development of addiction are genetic predisposition, personality

characteristics, friend and social environment, child-family communication. The neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brain plays an important role in the pleasure and reward system. Pleasure and reward are the most important systems in the development of addiction. Studies have found that there is a problem especially in dopamine genes.

Many genes related to this issue are being investigated. While some genes are directly linked, some

some genes are indirectly linked to addiction.

With the adolescence period (Identity acquisition period), the importance of friends increases considerably and

they replace parents. . The adolescent tries to find a role or status in his environment that suits his characteristics.

The effect of the friend role on addiction is greatest during adolescence.

Showing oneself, proving oneself to those around one, curiosity, making others accept oneself,

showing oneself strong to those around one, competition, rebelliousness, Reasons such as entering the environment and being accepted increase the susceptibility to addiction. Although there is no genetic factor, having a bad friend environment can lead to addiction.

Disrupted or insufficient family-child communication, parents not being role models since infancy

parents own Communication problems between them,

conflicts and inconsistencies between parents, addictions in parents, parents being harsh in setting rules,

unstable and contradictory can be counted among the reasons that increase the risk of addiction.

>While addictions to substances (marijuana, heroin..), alcohol and cigarettes have been increasing in recent years, in the last 20 years

Television, Computer, Internet and Telephone addiction, which are more easily accessible in daily life, are serious

started to increase in meaning. The addiction limit and threshold is a very thin line. When that limit is crossed, addiction begins and gradually increases. Television, Computer, Internet and Phone Addiction, like other addictions, starts suddenly and gradually increases. The fact that these factors are everywhere in our daily lives, that they make our daily lives easier, and that we need them when necessary prevents us from realizing the extent of the problem.

Drugs, cigarettes, In recent years, we have seen alcohol addiction at the beginning of adolescence (average age is 11).

Television addiction occurs in infancy, computer addiction in pre-school period, internet addiction in pre-adolescence, and telephone addiction in school period.

it's starting. However, this situation may vary for each child and family. Another situation is that these

addictions can occur together or start one after the other.


Turkey History of Television in Turkey:

The first television broadcast in Turkey started in 1968 with TRT, the only channel on black-and-white television.

During these periods, people could only get news from television. Color televisions entered our lives in 1980. In 1990, private channels began to broadcast. With the introduction of private televisions in the 1990s, televisions began to become a tool, apart from communication, such as advertising, entertainment, competitions, series and films, which unconsciously guide the society, arouse curiosity, and where commerce is at the forefront. . By 2016, 500 channels were broadcasting, 17 of which

were children's channels.

Even just looking at the numbers of 2016 can explain many situations. Why have so many television channels increased? Is this a need? Questions started to come to the fore. When you ask most people,

they may say that they do not watch much television, but during conversation, the subject often comes to the events in television programs.

Addicted people are often unaware of the situation

. Repetitiveness gradually begins to invade all parts of the brain. After a while, a child who watches excessive television begins to behave and speak like the characters he watches on television. Infancy is the period when the foundations of learning are laid and the fastest

learning occurs. The rate of learning and development slows down with age. How the learning processes are shaped in this period

the child continues the same way of learning in his future life.

Although the most important factor determining learning is genetics, serious environmental factors at an early age also affect genetics

genetics. It affects the process greatly.

The earlier the baby is introduced to television and the more time he spends with it, the more

he is affected by it. Television especially stops or delays the stages of psychological development. Psychological development that does not occur on time

is very difficult to compensate for in the future. In cases where the time is too long and

early, the developmental stages may not be fulfilled even if the television is cut off.

Does Television have psychological benefits for children?

Television has not yet been scientifically proven to be beneficial to children in any field

. However, it has been proven in many studies that it has a negative psychological effect. From time to time, families may think that educational cartoons would be helpful. The best learning process is concrete (realistic

). For example, a child who sees a red apple drawn on television sees only red. At that moment

he sees it and it's over. He who sees and touches the real red apple at the grocery store with his father ,tasting, smelling

The child commits it to his/her memory more permanently. THE BEST LEARNING IS USED BY THE 5 SENSES

Studies show that excessive television watching causes addiction. It has been shown to play a role in heat, reactive attachment disorder,

depression, lack of self-confidence, conduct disorder, anxiety disorders, sleep


Television poses a risk in the development of addiction. Main reasons:

Career inadequacy or abuse as a result of both parents working (letting the baby or child spend most of their time in front of the television, eating or sleeping in front of the television, etc.),


After the child is very active or has attention problems, the caregiver turns on the television to reduce the child's movement

Since there are no peers around, the caregiver turns on the television to reduce the child's boredom

Switching on TV

Tv turned on by the caregiver with the idea that it will be beneficial to the child's development and learning

Parents or caregivers being addicted to TV

Conflicts between parents

Financial inadequacies

Lack of social and environmental support

Shouldn't television be in our lives at all?

If we look at the purpose of the invention of television, we can say that it helps people who cannot reach each other. was to give information. It served this purpose in the early

years. However, over time, the purpose of providing information was replaced by advertisements, trade, and directing people (perception management). For example: the child goes to the market and asks for a food he/she watches in commercials, and when it is not bought, insists and throws himself on the ground.

The programs that are chosen by the parents for the purpose of providing information, provided that they are not continuous and repetitive

Children can watch television at their own discretion. It is worth noting that the number of these programs is very low.

It is important for families to watch these programs with their children. If the family does not have time,

The family should watch and decide first whether the program they are watching is for informational purposes.

It is important that the program they watch has content appropriate to their age.

It is full of excitement, imagination. Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is to stay away from programs that are excessive, exaggerated, and give wrong messages.


A computer, in its simplest definition, is a mathematical function. It is a calculator that makes m. Abacus forms the basis of the computer

. In fact, the history of the computer dates back 2000 years. In 1937, electronic circuits began to be used and the infrastructure of the computers we use today was created. In our country, the first computer began to be used on State Highways in 1960. In 1973, there were 82 computers in Turkey. By 2016,

this number is around 200 million.

The first computer game started to be played in 1958. "Pong", a table tennis game, entered the game industry in 1972, and "Pac-man" entered the game industry in 1980. In 1982, the Commadore 64 was released as the first personal computer. In 1989, Gameboys, which can be played with handheld consoles, were introduced to the market by Nintendo. Since 1992, the 3D game Wolfenstein has become the most popular. This process continued to accelerate with the introduction of the Internet in the early 1990s and the advancement of computer technology.

The first use of the Internet began in the 1970s with the development of computers in the world. The first internet use in Turkey started in 1993 at METU. According to studies, internet usage in Turkey increased from 11 percent in 2003 to 58 percent in 2016. As of 2016

42 million people (53% of the population) in our country have active social media accounts

When we look at the last ten years in Turkey, the number of internet users has increased from 2 million to 35


Rising to million, we see an increase of 1750 percent.

The most used social media platforms in Turkey:

Facebook with 32%

24% with WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger with 20%

Twitter with 17%

Instagram with 16%

*% of internet users in Turkey 77 of them go online every day!!!!

Average daily internet use on tablet, laptop or desktop computer: 4.5 hours

Average daily internet use from mobile phone: 2, 5 hours

Daily television viewing time for internet users: 2 hours


Connecting to the internet from a laptop or desktop computer

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