Botox Filling Applications


In the Botox method, wrinkles on the skin disappear with the relaxation of the muscles. Our facial muscles under our skin constantly contract depending on the facial expressions we make, causing breaks in the skin covering it. Wrinkles and wrinkles recur over time and become permanent and visible.

Your doctor examines the muscles and movements on your face and determines the points where treatment will be performed. The effectiveness of Botox continues for 4-8 months. More permanent results are achieved with repeated applications.

In the procedure recommended by the Dermatologist who knows your skin best, wrinkles are eliminated without the need for surgery. Laser and radiofrequency methods strengthen the effect of Botox treatment. It gives better results when applied together. The skin structure of each individual is examined by the dermatologist and it is decided to apply Botox or another method.

Botox (botox) application sites

• Wrinkles around the eyes

• Mimic wrinkles between the forehead and eyebrows

• Wrinkles around the lips

• Neck area wrinkles

• Nasolabial line descending from the nose to the mouth

• From the edge of the lip to the chin Descending lines

• Cheek sagging

Botox method is not a painful method. It is applied in a short time. It does not require anesthesia. You can return to daily life immediately after Botox application. Bruising and redness are rare.

The results of Botox treatment appear after 3-15 days.

As the Botox effect decreases, the lines become more visible. appears less clearly. It is not as deep and distinct as before. At least 4-5 botox applications are required to maintain this smooth and youthful appearance and make it permanent. With repeated applications, less treatments are required later.

Daily activities can be continued immediately after the treatment. However, one should not lie down or lean forward for about 4 hours after the procedure. Massaging the injection areas should be avoided. is.

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