Needle Radiofrequency (Golden Needle / Scarlet)

In this system, there is a cap made of small gold needles at the tip and a radiofrequency unit to which this cap is connected. Radiofrequency energy is transmitted to the lower layers of the skin with the help of golden needles. This transmitted energy heats the tissues. This energy causes the production of new collagen in the tissues under the skin and the repair of damaged collagen. Thus, skin renewal, repair of damaged tissues, and the formation of a bright and taut skin are observed. This method, which affects both the lower and upper layers of the skin, provides excellent results by providing complete skin care even in a single session. Fractional microneedles initiate a natural healing process by stimulating the skin surface as they descend under the skin. Accordingly, cell development factors in the upper layer of the skin are activated; Skin tone differences, blemishes and fine wrinkles are reduced. Fractional microneedles, which can go down to a skin depth of up to 3.5 mm and create the same thermal effect throughout the area they pass through, stimulate collagen fibers by creating controlled damage in this area. They provide a completely natural renewal, recovery and tightening effect. It is applied in 3 sessions, one month apart, and its effect can remain for a minimum of 1 year. Application of fractional radiofrequency treatment together with PRP further increases the effect

Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Renewal, Treatment of Fine Wrinkles
Lifting (Face Lift), Treatment of Loss of Elasticity (Skin Tightening)
Clarification of Face and Jaw Lines
Neck Toning
Treatment of Scars, especially Acne Scars
Enlarged Pore Treatment
Sebum Balancing
Facial Telangiectasias Treatment
Pigmented Lesion Treatment
Striae (Skin Stretch Marks) Treatment
Hyperhidrosis Treatment
Body Tightening
Elimination of Arm Sagging

Has Side Effects Is it possible?
No side effects
It can be applied to all age groups. Bruising and bleeding does not occur. It does not leave any needle marks or stains.
It can be applied in all seasons.
There is no risk of infection since a separate head is used for each patient.

Is it a Painful Procedure?
Special pain-relieving creams are applied before the needle radiofrequency procedure. At the end of the procedure, slight burning and edema may occur. Skin-soothing creams or scrubs Inflammation is reduced with erums.

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