Callus Problems

Callus Problems

Calluses are bone deformities present on the feet and hardening caused by shoe pressure on the skin due to compression defects. The upper layer of the skin hardens and the hardening irritates the underlying tissues and moves downwards. Hard calluses are mostly located on the fingers and on the edge of the little toe. Soft calluses cause discharge, resemble fungal infections, and generally develop between the rubbing surfaces between the toes.

Causes of Calluses

Diagnosis and Treatment

Calluses can be easily seen. They may have tender spots in the middle that are surrounded by yellowish, dead tissue. One of the most important points in treatment planning for calluses is to plan treatment accordingly if there is a deformity in the bone under the patient's callus. The patient's shoe habit may need to be changed or a treatment for the underlying orthopedic problem may be required.
In order to realign the normal contours of the skin and relieve pain, the foot care team shaves off the dead layer of the skin and reduces the hard layer. This is a treatment method applied when there is no underlying bone problem.
If there is a problem such as a toe deformity under the callus, correcting it will make the callus disappear.

At Home

On the callus. Putting a round-shaped foam pad-silicone pad will help relieve the pressure on the callus. We prefer to use drug-free callus pads; Medicated pads can increase irritation, which can lead to infection.

Wear appropriate shoes that provide ample room for the toes.

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